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Visočica Komunalac is garbage disposal service and on their website you will find all the information you need about our reliable and efficient waste management solutions.

Interactive Calendar

Keeping track of garbage disposal schedules can sometimes be a challenging task. That's why we have implemented an interactive calendar on the website. Our user-friendly calendar system provides up-to-date information about garbage collection days in your area, ensuring that you never miss a pickup.

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In this project, we have chosen the elegant and modern Raleway font to enhance the visual appeal and readability of our website. Raleway's clean lines and balanced letterforms create a harmonious and professional look, perfectly aligning with our commitment to delivering high-quality services. This font ensures that your browsing experience is not only informative but also visually pleasing.

Raleway font review


Raleway font review

Solano Gothic Pro MVB

Color Palette

Visočica Komunalac is promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. That's why we have incorporated a shade of green as our primary color throughout the website. Green symbolizes nature, growth, and freshness, reflecting our dedication to preserving the environment while efficiently managing waste. This color choice serves as a reminder of our commitment to sustainable practices and our mission to create a greener future.

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