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Pagotent is a leading firm specializing in the sale of inflatables. Main goal of this website is to create a visually stunning online presence that truly represents the essence of inflatable industry and its significance in the events landscape.

Images speak lauder

In this project, we have recognised crucial role of image examples in website design. They effectively showcase the range of custom objects and highlight the versatility of inflatables in different events. With a keen understanding of the significance of images, we have placed a strong emphasis on their importance throughout the website design, ensuring that captivating visuals play a central role in showcasing the remarkable variety of custom objects and their transformative impact on events.

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To ensure a modern and harmonious look, we have chosen the font Inter for the Pagotetnt website. Inter offers a perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness, making it an ideal choice for your brand. Its clean lines and clear legibility enhance readability, allowing visitors to effortlessly navigate your site and explore the range of products you offer.

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Color Palette

The color palette for the Pagotetnt website revolves around the dark blue shade, which is derived from their company logo. This deep and sophisticated color conveys trust, reliability, and a sense of calmness. By integrating this color into various elements of the website, we aim to establish a strong visual identity for Pagotetnt, ensuring that visitors instantly recognize your brand and associate it with quality inflatables. To create visual impact and highlight key elements, we have strategically incorporated touches of vibrant red as a striking contrast to the predominant blue color palette in the website design.

pagotent color palette

Filter sale-lease

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We have implemented a convenient filtering feature within the website design, allowing visitors to easily sort and navigate through the extensive inventory of inflatables available for both lease and sale. This intuitive filter empowers users to quickly find the specific products that align with their needs, whether they are looking to rent or purchase inflatables for their upcoming events.

From idea to product

Implementing our design to instill confidence in website visitors, we emphasize the meticulous production process involved in bringing customer inflatable ideas to life. Beginning with a collaborative approach, we actively listen to customer concepts, showcasing these production steps to reassure visitors of the exceptional quality and care invested in realizing their inflatable ideas.

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